Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where is Karen????

I wish I had some really great story about why I seem to have fallen off the bloggy earth.... however, it is a very simple answer....... FACEBOOK!!! I am completely hooked. I have reconnected with friends that I havent spoken to in many many moons. I have seen pictures of their children and spouses, laughed hysterically at old stories and even talked to a few of them on the phone. Very very cool. Along with reconnecting I have built a "cyber Farm"! I have cows, chickens, pigs and sheep. I "plant and harvest" corn, cotton, soy beans, and pumpkins right from my recliner!! My addiction to Jungle Jewels may actually be cause for concern. It has become a sickness. I need intervention!!
Along with my sudden FaceBook frenzy, I have made the decision to do something for myself. We joined the local YMCA and I have taken a very aggressive stance on losing this 20 lbs that have snuck onto my rear in the last 18 months. I am working out and it feels SO GOOD. I am sleeping better and just feel better everyday. If you are like me and keep saying "I need to get in shape, I will start tomorrow", STOP IT!! Do it today! You are worth it! ( I sound like a hair color commercial!).
Since it's been so stinkin long, here's a quick update to get you up to speed......
Malarie is nuts. She is crazy and beautiful and wonderful and out of her mind half the time! She is in cheerleading and gymnastics and takes dance classes at the Y. SHe has attitude of a 15 year old hormonal teen girl but she is only 6. She is growing up way too fast and it makes me sad....
Jimmy has officially become a teenager. He has the attitude and sometimes makes my head spin around in circles on my shoulders. But he is also very handsome and smart (even tho he wont do his homework) and thanks to football, he has quite a little 6-pack in the works! Very scary!!
Jim has been in and out of town as usual. He recently spent 2 weeks working in Angola, Africa and is scheduled to go back for 30 more days next Saturday. The communication while he is there is terrible, so that is tough on us all. But the money cant be beat, so we will get through it....
We all enjoyed a wonderful summer at camp (well, wonderful except for the crappy weather). We all have made some very good friends at camp and look forward to seeing some of them over the winter. My best friend, Jodi, spent most of the weekends in August and September at camp with her twin girls, Kate and Clair. She is such a blessing to me and I was thrilled to have so much time with her all summer long!
So there you have it. I will try to keep popping in here to say hi!!!! If you are on FaceBook, friend me!! I will introduce you to my chickens!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh The Things You Can Think...!!!

Each year, the 6th grade class at LongBranch Elementary puts on a musical. This year it was baseon on the story "Horton Hears a Who". Jimmy was so excited to land a pretty big part in the play as Mr. Mayor, the Mayor of Who. He has been practicing and practicing all of his lines and songs for months. Last nite was opening nite and it was spectacular!! I am so proud of Jimmy and all of his classmates!! I am also so impressed with the school for putting on such a huge production! Each and every student in the 6th grade is required to participate in some way. They either have a part, sing in the chorus or do stagehand duties. I think it is such a great thing because it gives the kids a chance to participate in a production that they otherwise might have passed up for fear that it would not be seen as "Cool". I didnt really see 1 child who didnt appear to be enjoying themselves! I have attached a slide show with some pictures. Unfortunately, they are a bit dark, but there's not much I could do about that!!! (Jimmy is the one in the bright yellow hat and striped socks!!!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My American Idol!!!!!!

YA HOO!!!! I havent been this excited since Carrie Underwood won 400 years ago!!!! You GO Kris!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some rules for April Fools.....

My daughter is a strange little child. She often comes up with the strangest things from absolutely nowhere. When she woke up at 4am crying her little eyeballs out after a nightmare last Tuesday,I expected there to be some weird story about the monsters having a teaparty in her closet or something... This is what I got....

MOMMY: What happened Peanut? Did you have a bad dream?

Malarie: Yes, Mommy (crying hysterically)!

Mommy: Do you want to talk about it?

Malarie: I was so scared! (Still hysterical). We ate all the ice cream, and they will never make anymore! It is so scary!

Mommy: You ate all the ice cream? Well we will go get more tomorrow.

Malarie: But we CAN'T!! The newspaper said that when we eat it all up, they won't never make anymore!

So, at this point I am thoroughly confused and very VERY amused. Where on earth does she come up with this stuff??

She did finally go back to sleep, but the next nite while we got ready for bed, she started crying AGAIN! Same "ice cream shortage" tragedy. And this went on all week!!

On Thursday nite, my friend Barb came over to watch ER. (Her daughter is in Malaries class). During a commercial break I said "I have got to tell you about this dream that Mal had. It's had her upset all week". And Barb says, "Let me guess, the Ice cream thing, right?" Holy cow!?!? Her daughter has had a similar problem this week but she told her mom where this bazaar idea came from .....

Apparently, the Kindergarten teacher thought it would be fun to play a little April Fools joke on the kids. So she brought in a newspaper and showed the kids an article (they cant quite read it of course). She then wove a tale about how the ice cream makers have decided that they are not ever going to make any more ice cream. So once the ice cream in your freezer is gone, theres no more for you!!

Needless to say, Miss Kindergarten kinda forgot to throw in the part about it being an April Fools trick. I wrote a note last Friday (I probably wasnt the only one...)asking her if she could kindly explain this to the kids and she did. Mal came home and told me how funny her teacher is and what a great joke it was..... If only that little joke hadnt cost me so much sleep....

So, note to teachers everywhere......
If you tell yer students theres not gonna be anymore icecream, make sure you throw the "April Fools" part in too!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our bite of the Big Apple.....

I am almost 34 years old, have lived alot of my life in Upstate New York, yet I made my first appearance in the Big Apple last weekend. Jim has been working on Long Island for awhile and we thought it would be fun for the kids and I to go spend the weekend there with him.

Our plan was to leave first thing Friday morning, so I had the car packed and ready to go on Thursday evening. When we woke up Friday, Jimmy felt terrible! He was running quite a fever and looked miserable. I mentioned staying home, but both kids made it clear that it wasnt an option, so off we went.

The drive took about 5 1/2 hours. We drove down 81 into PA then cut across toward the city. I was VERY nervous about crossing the Washington Bridge into Manhattan but the rest was a breeze. The actual crossing wasnt so bad. LOTS of TRAFFIC. I couldnt believe how close together these people travel!!! Jimmy curled up in the back with a blanket and pillows and slept for the first few hours. When we got into New Jersey, he came up front to help me navigate. We had a nice time just talking a joking around. We dont spend enough time just by ourselves. He is growing up so fast...

We made it to the hotel at about 2:30. I was STARVING so we went to grab a bite to eat then went back to the hotel and cut the kids loose in the pool. The pool was like bathwater and they swam forever. Jimmy seemed like he was feeling better, but I soon learned that that wasnt true at all.

By Saturday morning, he was REALLY REALLY sick. We had planned to visit the city on Saturday and just be lazy on Sunday, but we had to switch that around. He was in NO condition to go anywhere. So, Malarie kept busy with some things she brought and swam for over 2 hours straight. I swam with her, so I got to spend some quality time with her too. Priceless...

SUnday was a better day. Jimmy woke up feeling much better. He still had a nasty chest cough and felt a little tired, but he wanted to see the city, so we went. Our hotel offered a shuttle to the train station so we went with that. Malarie dubbed the shuttle van the "Donkey Bus" because there was a picture of a donkey in the ad on the bus. Really cute, she's hilarious.

We went from the Donkey bus to the train. The train ride was 1 hour and 20 minutes. The conductor came thru and talked to the kids. He made them a little souvenier out of train tickets. He made it clear that he was NOT the guy from Polar Express!!!

We arrived at Penn Station around noon and were met by one of my oldest friends, Kathy. We were best buds in high school. She lives in that area now and offered to show us around. We hit Times Square first. I was just mesmorized by the huge buildings and people everywhere. Very cool! After Times Square, we hopped on the subway (an experience in itself) and went to visit Ground Zero. This was something I was looking forward to. I felt like I needed to put a scale to the size of the disaster on 9/11. I really wanted to take some time and absorb the enormity of the event. I was greatly disappointed. (Please dont see that as morbid. I wasnt there to gawk, I just needed to see it and feel it). I had been told that there was a Memorial wall set up and an observation platform where you could overlook the site. Unfortunately, the entire area is tarped off and the observation bridge had a completely obstructed view. I guess they need to try to control the access to the area, but I really feel like that site means so much to this country and that if someone travels there to see it, they should see it... Anyways....

We wandered around the area for a while then headed (by foot) to Battery Park. Mal reallllllly wanted to see the "Statue of Liverdy" and it is visible from the park. She thought that was cool.

Next stop was Chinatown/Little Italy. Now THERE"S an experience for ya..... yikes!!! By this time we had been walking for hours and hadnt eaten yet so the kids (and adults) were pretty tired. We finally made it to a little italian place to eat and sit down for a while. That improved our moods ALOT!! After we ate, we told the kids that they could pick out one thing at one of the shops to take home. Mal immediately informed us that she waned the "green hat with the black stripes". HUH??? So I started playing 20 questions and pointing out every hat in every shop up and down the street. Finally I asked her where she saw it and her answer was "the Statue of Liverdy". This confused the heck out of me because there werent any vendors down there. She finally said "The Statue of Liverdy WEARS it Mommy!!!". OH, the CROWN!!!!!!!! DUH!!! Jim immediately rememberd seeing one in Chinatown and after going to MANY stalls, we found it and it cost us all of $2!!!

Jimmy picked out a Statue/Famous building souveiner and we were outta there!!!

Ourlast stop was at the Empire State Building. Jimmy wanted pictures so we went there. I would have loved to take them up to the top but it would have cost us almost $60, yes $60!! to go to the opservation deck. No thank you, we will look from here.

We make it back to Penn Station at about 6:00. Our train was at 6:16 so we didnt have to wait long. Now I dont know how many of you have caught a train at Penn Station, but that too is an experience.... They have a list of all the trains and you have to stand there and just wait for them to post which track your train is at. As soon as the track number pops up everybody runs for the right door. It's like a big cattle drive!! F.U.N.N.Y!!!! And a bit unsettling when you are with 2 kids!!

We had bets going about who would fall asleep first once the train started moving but believe it or not, we all stayed awake for the whole ride back. That was amazing!!!!

Monday morning we had to head home. Just to try something different (and to avoid the city at all costs on a Monday morning) we took the ferry from Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, CT then drove home from there. It's was kinda cool cuz you just drive our car right onto the ferry then get out and go to the upper deck where theres a snack bar, TVs and booths by the window to sit at. Mal colored and Jimmy played his GameBoy. I read a book. Thats the way to travel!!!
The drive home was pretty bad. I was pooped from the previous day, so driving was tough. We go home at about 6pm.

I am so thrilled that my kids got to see all that they did. I am going to put some photos into a slide show and post them.... just not tonite! Stay tuned!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Start Spreadin the Flu.....I mean News....

Jim has been working on Long Island for Panel Built, which is the company he worked for while we lived in Georgia. The kids were out of school this Friday and Monday, so we headed down to see him. We were all very excited to go into NYC to see "the sites". Our plan was to get up early this morning and take the train from our hotel in Long Island to Manhattan. We wanted to visit Ground Zero, The Empire State building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty (or "Liverty" as Mal calls it). But so far, these pics show the only sites we have seen..... Jimmy woke up this morning with a 102.5 fever. He is coughing up all sorts of nasty stuff. He is one sick boy. Luckily, the hotel has a great heated pool, so that's kept Malarie happy. We are gonna try again for NYC tomorrow. We have to head home Monday morning.......

Kinda reminds me of our Christmas disaster..... Ya know, my parents come to visit and everyone gets the stomach flu..... Just my luck